Sights in Hegykő

Educational Path

Object of the educational path is the presentation of the flora and fauna of the Fertő Lake, of the cultural historical values of the village. Starting from the thermal bath the way beside the church leads to the lakeshore (2km). The longer tour leads to the angler’s lake and it ends at the Pieta-statue of the village (5km). At the lake-shore there is a bird-watching tower. It’s expedient to manage the tour routes on foot or with bicycle.


Lace House – Hegykő

The permanent exhibition of Istvánné Szigethy, entitled “From swathing clothes to the burial shroud”. In one of the oldest houses of the town, besides the presentation of lace, the values of the past come to life, for example the clean room and the ovens. The works of the remarkable artisans of Rábaköz are also shown here, those of Csilla Ángyán a potter from Csorna and Jenő Pintér a woodcarver from Bogyoszló.


Fishing pond

On the boundary of Hegykő there was a quarry in the past. In the location of the former quarry today there is a pond with six hectares of water surface. The average depth of the water is 1.5 meters, but in certain points it reaches 3 meters. The Hegykő fishing paradise is located in a beautiful and tranquil environment 1 kilometer from the town. Catching the fish species living in the pond is allowed. Grass carp, pike, crucian, carp, pike-perch, common roach, common rudd, white bream, bream, bass, tench, bighead carp, eel, Wels catfish can be caught by those who fish here.

In the vicinity of the fishing pond wild ducks, crakes and reed-sparrows live. Frogs, sand lizards, grass snakes and pond turtles are a common sight here. A few otter families have also moved to the fishing pond.