Programs in the village (Hegykő)


1st May, 2019

Festival of Manufactured Beers and Palinkas

21 – 23 June, 2019

Arts Festival

12 – 21 July, 2019

Hegykő Festivities

3 – 4 August, 2019

Wine Festival

17 – 19 August, 2019



The history of Hegykő

The territory of the present-day village was already inhabited by the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC. The remains of Bronze Age and Roman settlements have been uncovered, and even Germanic burial grounds from before the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin have been uncovered. Following this conquest Hegykő belonged to the Kér tribe, and then the castle of Sopron.


Climate and geographical conditions

Hegykő is in the north-west of Hungary, in Kisalföld, along and on top of the line of hills rising from the reed-fringed southern shore of Lake Fertő.


Did you know this?

Lake Fertő National Park was established in 1991, which was expanded with the Hanság Nature Preservation Area in 1994 (Fertő-Hanság National Park). Of the flora and fauna of Lake Fertő, its rich avifauna is outstandingly significant.


On Lake Fertő you can go on boat excursions, cross to one of the ports in Austria or participate in various hiking programs.


On the boundary of Hegykő there was a quarry in the past. In the location of the former quarry today there is a pond with six hectares of water surface. The average depth of the water is 1.5 meters, but in certain points it reaches 3 meters. The Hegykő fishing paradise is located in a beautiful and tranquil environment 1 kilometer from the town.


The small plane airport, which is open to international flights, offers numerous flight possibilities (scenic flights, taxi flights, skydiving).


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